We currently have nine Sprinter vans in our fleet that service the entire continental U.S.!

No crating necessary!

We are a soft-pack company, so no crating is necessary for a safe journey with us! We prefer that all artwork be properly soft-packed prior to pickup, but we do offer soft-packing services for an additional fee! We also have a detailed 'Packing Suggestions' worksheet that you can use as a guide!


We accommodate several types of shipments: single- or multi-piece gallery transfers, retail sales to clients, return shipments to artists, art fairs/shows, etc. We are client-based, so we go where you want, when you want - provided we are allotted enough time to plan accordingly. Call or email us today to check our availability!


Pricing Structures

Our pricing is dependent upon many factors: distance between the pickup and delivery location, number of pieces, medium of the artwork, packing specifications, traffic/road/weather conditions, client availability, etc. Typically, the price per piece decreases as the inventory list increases, so it's much more cost-effective to ship in multiples. Also, those who use our services frequently will receive a more generous rate than occasional users.

Planning Ahead

Are you planning to participate in an art fair, show or festival? Transporting artwork to a gallery for an exhibition? Transferring artwork between galleries? These types of shipments require advanced notification and thorough planning. Let us help you out! This is, after all, what we do best!

Call us today to request a quote, or inquire about upcoming/future events!