How would you recommend that artwork be packaged?
We prefer a soft-pack, as opposed to crating (unless absolutely necessary). For paintings that are not textured (i.e. acrylic or oil paintings on canvas/panel), we usually recommend that the sender cardboard-face and shrink-wrap the piece/s with added corner protection. For sculptures, depending on the fragility of the piece/s, we usually recommend that the sender blanket-wrap or box the piece/s.

Do you provide packing/wrapping services?

Yes, for an additional fee (depending on the size and medium of the piece), but we do prefer that the artwork be properly wrapped prior to our driver’s arrival.

Do you fabricate crates for transport?
No, and we usually advise against crating (unless absolutely necessary), because it is more cost-effective to soft-wrap the piece/s.

Do you transport to/from Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada?
No, we transport within the continental U.S. only.

Do you provide installation services?
Yes, but only if the installation is basic. The cost of installation is determined by our driver at time of delivery. Our driver must first assess the installation site and the job itself to ensure that he can perform the installation. Installation services must be requested during the quote/confirmation phase, so that our driver can plan accordingly.

Do you provide insurance coverage?
-Yes. Ask our representatives about insurance coverage for details.

Do I have to purchase insurance coverage?
No, you are not required to purchase insurance coverage, but it is available to you for added protection.

How do I track my shipment?
Simply go to our website and find your designated van/trip schedule. The schedule features a list of cities that that particular driver will be picking up from/delivering to. Locate your city, and the date approximation for pickup/delivery will appear directly next to it. The van/trip schedules are updated several times a daym in order to provide the most up-to-date tracking. If this doesn’t work for you, you can always call our office and we can give you an update.

Do you accept credit card?
Yes, although we prefer to be paid with a check at time of pickup or delivery, or by mail.

Do you provide transportation for art fairs/shows?
Yes, we do, but we prefer to be notified at least 2 months in advance, so that we have enough time to plan accordingly.

Do you transport encaustic artwork?
Yes, our vans are climate-controlled, so encaustic artwork is manageable. Encaustic artwork must be packed/wrapped with foam insulation for transit.

Do you have a flat rate for shipping?
No, the transportation cost is dependent upon the type of artwork, the size of the artwork, the amount of artwork, the distance that the artwork will be traveling, any limitations/restrictions involved, etc. The cost per piece decreases as the number of pieces increase. So, the more you ship, the better your rate.

What if I don’t want my artwork to travel with other shipments?
We do offer dedicated van runs for those of you who’d like to reserve an entire van for your shipment or who do not wish for your artwork to travel alongside other shipments.

How soon in advance are we notified of an upcoming pickup/delivery?
You will be notified of an upcoming pickup/delivery two days prior to the scheduled pickup/delivery date and our driver will reach out the day before to relay a timeframe for pickup/delivery, so that you’ll know when to expect him. He will also contact you about an hour before he arrives to give you a head’s up.

What if I miss my delivery?
If you are unavailable to receive your shipment when it is scheduled for delivery, we will transfer your shipment to the next available van/route, to be delivered at a later time. Please keep in mind that a rescheduling fee will be applied to your shipment total.

I’m not good with email. Do you provide quotes and estimates over-the-phone?
Yes, we can, but we do prefer that all correspondence be outlined in writing/email, this is much more efficient.

My studio is accessible by toll ferry only. Do you transport to/from islands?
We do transport to/from island locations - so long as it is an island located within the continental U.S., however, you will incur an accommodation fee.

My artwork is three-dimensional/textured. Are you able to transport artwork like this?

Yes, so long as it is packed properly. We can also pack the piece for you to ensure that it is done correctly.

Do you provide travel frames or shadowboxes?
Upon request, our driver can obtain a travel frame or shadowbox and bring it to the pickup location to use for packing purposes, however, this service will incur an additional fee. This service must be requested during the quote/confirmation phase.

How do the drivers load the artwork into the van? Does it move around inside the van?

No, the artwork does not move around inside the van. Each piece that is loaded into the van is securely tethered to the side of the van for stability.

What if I have to cancel my shipment?
If you plan to cancel your shipment, you must do so at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled pickup date to avoid a 50% cancellation fee.

What if I need to adjust the inventory count at the last minute?
We prefer that all adjustments be made at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled pickup date. If you’d like to add items to the inventory count, we will first need to assess whether or not our driver has enough space to accommodate the additions. If he does, then your transportation cost will be adjusted and you will be re-invoiced for the updated total.

How soon in advance should I inquire about transportation? What if I want to schedule something a month or two in the future?
We would prefer that you reach out 2 - 4 weeks in advance, so that we have time to plan accordingly, and so that you have several options for transport. If you’d like to schedule a shipment, to be picked up and delivered a month or two (or more) in the future, we highly recommend that you pre-confirm with us. If you pre-confirm (supply us with all of the pertinent details about the shipment and express an interest in booking at a later time), you will be given priority once we begin to configure our schedules for that particular month.