Our Approach

Here at iTransport4u, we pride ourselves on superior customer service. Our business is client-based, so our drivers' schedules are built specifically to meet the needs of our clientele. We'll go where you want - when you want (given we have sufficient time to plan accordingly). We have pricing structures for all types shipments - i.e. retail sales, gallery transfers, exhibitions, art fairs, and return shipments to featured artists. We provide van/shipment tracking on our website - which is updated several times per day. We are a soft-pack company, which is much simpler - and more cost-effective - than crating! In addition to transportation, we also offer soft-packing and installation services. We accept a wide variety of payment methods. We are also active on social media, seeking meaningful communication with those in the art world.

Our Story

Some 20+ years ago, Bob and Jodie Sorrentino opened three Mailboxes Etc. locations here in the Coachella Valley. At that time, Bob discovered a niche in the industry - fine art transportation. Galleries and artists in the area had been reaching out to him with specific transportation needs that he felt he could accommodate. That’s when he decided that he could do it better than the national carriers - and thus, iTransport4u was born. We’ve been catering to artists, galleries, museums, and private collectors across the entire continental U.S. ever sense.  We sincerely believe that fine art must be handled with care, as opposed to just being thrown into the back of a box truck and neglected. iTransport4u genuinely cares about each and every piece of art that we transport - we care if it arrives safely and in a timely manner - it matters to us. Our satisfied clients are the foundation of our business and we are dedicated to providing them with impeccable customer service and transportation!

Meet the Team

Bob - the owner of the company - is a very capable and hard-working business man. He is a very active member of the company. He both manages the office and daily operations, and transports artwork himself. He and his wife, Jodie have been handling artwork professionally for over 20 years. He is kind, genuine, professional, and reliable - exactly the type of person that you’d entrust your most precious creations with! Jodie, his partner in crime, has been a registered nurse for nearly 30 years and loves taking part in the business when she is able. She is one of the most family-oriented and caring individuals that we’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Bob and Jodie are truly remarkable and take good care of their employees, and their clients!

Fun fact: Bob is a devoted family man, former restauranteur, professional chef, and lover of Lancias (Italian sports cars). He, and his family, were the proud owners of Sorrentino’s Sea Food House in Palm Springs.

Fun fact: Jodie is fearless, and seeks out adventure at every turn. She has flown a plane, driven race cars, and she was a member of the California Nurses Association - who went out and assisted survivors of Hurricane Catrina.


Cris is our daily operations manager and logistics specialist. She oversees all of our daily activities and manages all incoming requests. She is charismatic, diligent, and hard-working. She has had a heavy hand in every aspect of the business - day-to-day operations, client acquisition, scheduling, accounting, etc. - and, on top of all that, she and her husband, Caleb, actually started out as drivers. Cris is someone who truly understands every inch of the business! She is currently in pursuit of her 2nd bachelor’s degree, and continues to astound all of us with her perseverance.

Fun fact: Cris and her husband survived - and prospered through - Typhoon Haiyan (also known as Super Typhoon Yolanda) - one of the most powerful super storms ever recorded!


Destiny, one of our logistics agents, is very detail-oriented and thorough - handling day-to-day correspondence with clients and other organizational and logistical tasks. She possesses an associate’s degree in Business Administration and is currently in pursuit of her bachelor’s degree. She is a full-time student and employee, and has shown tremendous dedication to the company since being hired.

Fun fact: Destiny, in addition to being/having a twin, has seven other siblings - two of which are also twins.


Joey is another one of our logistics agents. He’s a spunky, quick-witted soul with an abundance of “fun facts” that he enjoys sharing with his colleagues. His creativity and musicality bring a new kind of life into the office, and his resourcefulness keeps us on our toes. He handles day-to-day correspondence with clients and assists with clerical/organizational tasks - all the while keeping us amused and delighted.

Fun fact: Joey is actually a guitar player, and vocalist, in his very own band.


Shannon is our tenacious receptionist, marketing/administrative assistant and driver (occasionally). She is wise beyond her years, and has many interests. For example, Shannon has always been facinated by criminology, and actually possesses a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. She is very attentive and personable - very easy to talk to! She is truly the spirit of the office and keeps our days vibrant and lively!

Fun fact: Shannon is the proud mother of a 16-year-old, seven-foot-tall basketball player and very much enjoys watching him play, and shouting at referees.


Now that you know us a little better, give us a call! We'd love to assist you with your fine art transportation needs!